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Claudia Pohlink

1979 - Today

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Claudia Pohlink is the Head of AI/ML and operated in the Telekon Innovation Laboratories in Deutsche Telekom AG. Caludia’s interests include data privacy and transparency in technology, she’s also has studied computer science. AI has been discovered to be really innovated in 2017, and one of the specialties that claudia’s team focuses on is machine learning, as well as communication networks such as 5G and core-network capacity planning. AI has given change and improvement in the core practices of the business. AI can express quality in many ways of business, they can improve speed and accuracy and can certainly save time. What surprises Claudia is the amount of different methods they can apply to different problems and the solutions they can apply with them. Claudia also wishes that she would know what to have focused on in the past, looking on into the future, you wouldn’t know that AI would be moving so fast, and in the past you could’ve looked into the future and figured out where to put your focus on. The advice Claudia would give to the next generation of women is to be proud of your accomplishments and to speak out. She was able to learn about what she was passionate about and had an interest in, that way she was able to find what she was passionate about now. Claudia knows about 4 languages such as Dutch, English, Russian, and French Previously, she was also able to be a Marketing manager for many companies in the beginning when she had started.

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